Let's talk.

I'm passionate about having real conversations. By that, I mean the kind of connective discussions that can open up new possibilities and create real, measurable differences in life outcomes.

I'm especially interested talking to:

—People stuck in an impasse, wondering why am I not doing what I want to do, or is this situation impossible to navigate
People who are interested in phrases like “feeling your feelings” or “spiritual experience” but aren’t sure how to implement them
—People who want to increase their baseline happiness and are willing to experiment with different ways of doing this

I don't love the word "coaching," but I don't know of a better word for "assisted verbal mindfulness with frank feedback." So I'm going with coaching as a label for what I do.

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"I've been seeing therapists on and off for about fifteen years and I feel like I've gotten more traction from 2 months working with you than all of that time." –Laura K.

"I came to Sasha with a problem that I could not describe with any greater detail: I'm stuck, and I need help getting unstuck. With patience and kindness, Sasha helped me explore my personal and professional tensions. Thanks to Sasha and the practice techniques he teaches, the friction in my life caused by those tensions has been dramatically reduced." –Mike Wawsczcak

“Working with Sasha as a coach is great. He is extremely good at poking at my emotional blocks with just the right blend of compassion and bluntness. He listens patiently and attentively to my excuses and ramblings and then points directly at the thing I'm avoiding in ways that help me look at it with new, more constructive. eyes. This, of course, is not always a pleasant experience, but it is an intensely valuable one.” –Michael Ashcroft
I suspect I would work especially poorly with

—People who are unwilling to try contemplative approaches to their issues (by which I mean, things that look a little bit like meditation)
—People who are unwilling to deal with frank feedback (I do give advice and opinions, I just try to listen a lot first, and hold my opinions lightly)
—People dealing with serious trauma, psychosis, or active suicidal ideation (I do not have the expertise and dearly hope you find the help you need)