I'd like to help you
express yourself fully.

I work with writers and aspiring writers who feel like their practice isn't everything it could be. Whatever you want to express, I am interested in helping it emerge.

I'm both a coach and a collaborator.

Coaching is a form of assisted mindfulness. Through focused conversations and frank feedback, I can help you understand your creative life, and what's holding you back.

As a collaborator, I can edit your work, help you come up with ideas, and improve your workflow.

Often, I work in both capacities with the same client. Here are some examples of situations where I could be helpful:

–You don't know how to improve
–You want to write more, but can't seem to get around to it
–You want to build a brand or promote yourself while sounding authentic and non-horrible
–You're having a hard time taking on a big, scary project
–You need honest feedback, and nobody will give it to you
–You don't know how to develop a voice that reflects your identity
–You've lost your excitement about creative work

If you think I could be helpful, I'd like to talk.

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“Working with Sasha has
augmented not only the technical in writing itself but also depended my relationship with the creative process. Sasha helped me clear the cobweb of invisible defense mechanisms that got in the way of full expression. Sasha is singular in his ability to combine mind, heart, and gut to guide my writing in a world filled with folks who over-index in one. He is the artist’s therapist.

A fruitful partnership with Sasha demands real vulnerability, self-honesty, and accountability. He is not here to babysit you. He cannot give you the fire; it must already be within. If you are ready to proceed, buckle up and let the metapmorphosis unfold.” –Aike Ho

“Oh my path to health,
I came across Sasha as a writing coach, I really thought it would be… well … writing. It was so much more. Working with Sasha not only widened my slim existence at that point, but was also deeply thoughtful, playful, self-reflective, and ultimately healing in a way I never expected. I’ve worked with many “coaches” and although Sasha will say he’s a writing coach, he’s much more than that.–Marisa Rowland

"Such is Sasha’s skill in holding space for me to create in ways I’d never thought possible, and such is the love and care he dedicates to his probes, pokes and prods that I’ve found the confidence to think of myself not just as someone who writes, but who might just be a writer. So be careful what you wish for: working with Sasha might just change your life.” –Drew Smith