Self-acceptance is a life-enabling practice.
This course will get you started.

For years, I thought that if I accepted myself, I'd become complacent and narcissistic, a self-satisfied slob with nothing to contribute.

This was perhaps the thing I've been wrongest about in my life. Accepting myself made my life much more pleasant, and it only increased my ambition and my desire to serve others.

I got there with a blend of techniques—some looked like meditation, some looked like therapy, and some were creative.

This course shares what worked for me, as well as the approach that made the techniques work. You can watch two videos from the course to get a taste of it before you buy: the introduction, as well as a selection from the mindset section, "don't do the evil phantom instructions".

It costs $75.



"This course is so fucking good. I really love how you’ve woven together all of these different ideas from different teachers with your own spin." —Dan Shipper

30-day money-back guarantee

Self-acceptance is complicated. There is nothing that works for absolutely everyone. Although I have faith in the contents of this course, I know that there’s a possibility that it's not what you need. 

If you fully engaged with the course, including the assignments, and it didn’t do anything for you, then I’m not interested in keeping your money. Just shoot me an email within a month explaining why it wasn’t helpful, and I’ll refund you. (I might even have some suggestions for what would be helpful.)

The course contents

The course's main thrust consists of 9 powerful practices. A few look like meditation, a few look like therapy, and a few are creative. They're preceded by a mindset section that tells you about how to best take advantage of the practices—how to use them to befriend your mind, rather than bludgeon it.

Anything else?

I think that covers the basic info. 

If you’ve come this far, and you still have questions, feel free to shoot me an email at sasha dot chapin at gmail dot com.